SKEYE Pico Drone – World’s smallest drone flies right off your finger tip

Skeye Pico Drone is worlds smallest drone

Skeye Pico Drone is the world’s smallest drone

You can now have the world’s smallest drone in the palm of your hand, but don’t lose it in the thick bushes thought. Yes, a drone measuring just 2.2 X 2.2 cm on all sides has been launched by Dutch manufacturer TRNDLabs and it is smaller than their earlier version of the world’s smallest drone dubbed Nano Drone. So, basically they have broken their own record and this tiny little toy weighs just 7 grams (0.25 ounces) making it a cute little gadget for flying around in open spaces.

The quadcopter is developed by the same guys who listed it under Morrison Innovations but now have it under the name TRNDLabs. They call it the SKEYE Pico Drone and it is so small that you can balance it on the tip of your finger too. Being so small means that you’ll have to apply very nimble pressure on the controls, but the makers have sorted that out as the drone comes with Ready to Fly Technology (RTF) and three levels of adjustable controller sensitivity allowing precision in the most constricted of spaces.

Skeye Pico Drone is worlds smallest drone

Flies right off your palm

Other features include a six-axis flight control system and gyro sensitivity which means high maneuverability while flying in a spinning or flipping motion. Thanks to the blinking LED lights, you can fly it in pitch dark too without the fear of losing in the dark. And when you not using it, just put it right inside the controller and into your pocket for easy portability.

The drone can be charged in 30 minutes and gives around 7-8 minutes of flight time. That is quite less as compared to some other standard drones, but a drone this small obviously has a small battery, and consequently less capacity to stay in flight for longer.

TRNDLabs SKEYE Pico Drone can be yours right away and it costs just $40. Not a bad price for a toy that can be fun to fly around in outdoor as well as indoor settings.

Skeye Pico Drone is worlds smallest drone

The drone has a maximum flight time of 8 minutes

Skeye Pico Drone is worlds smallest drone

When you are done flying, just put it inside your pocket

Skeye Pico Drone is worlds smallest drone

It fits inside the controller for easy portability



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