Researchers develop Android application that boosts battery life by 15 percent

Purdue University Android app Hush

All that our smartphone provides us with all day long, it take a toll on the battery backup of the device. And just for the records, even when you are not using your phone, the apps keep draining your battery. Sadly, almost half of the battery drain in sleep mode when the screen is off, takes place due to background processes that are hard to identify. This happens because of the apps in the background that start their processes, thereby assisting in battery drain.

This application fixes the anomaly created by third-party apps during sleep and boosts battery life considerably

To solve this inherent problem with Android-powered devices, researchers from Purdue University have developed a new kind of application code called “Hush” that reduces battery drain during sleep mode from 29% to just 16%, hence giving you a battery boost of 13%. As opposed to some other apps in the Play Store, Hush has been developed after extensive study of the battery drain mechanism by apps that you use very often, but in fact account for a significant battery drain as they keep checking for updates in the background.

In tests conducted on 2,000 Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 smartphones in 60 countries with help of 191 mobile operators, the researchers have found that apps wake up your phone periodically to do tasks, but after that they don’t shut-down because of software bugs due to incorrect Android power control application programming interfaces called wakelocks. Hush keeps a check on this and prevents these apps from running unnecessarily. This gives you an added 15% of boost when we talk of battery back-up.

For now the application is available on GitHub but in raw code form (aimed at developers), and soon it will be up as a stand-alone app for easy download and install from the app store, probably when Android Marshmallow OS arrives.



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