Migrate all your Android data to Apple Phone with “Move to iOS” app

Move to iOS app for Android

The first ever Apple app under the publisher name “Apple Inc.” has arrived in the Play Store and it helps you make a smooth switch from Android phone to Apple device. Called as “Move to iOS”, this app basically urges you to pull away from Android phones and adapt Apple devices. It is basically a migrating app that transfers all your files/data like photos, contacts, calendars, email accounts and message history from Android OS into Apple OS to make it ultra-easy for you.

The app info says that you can migrate all your content securely and safely from Android phone over to Apple device without even doing much. It is going to be just a push of a button. You just have to choose the content that has to be migrated and hit the “Next” button.

Move to iOS app for Android

The app sets up a private WiFi network and requests for a security code from the user and securely transfers the data. The app is compatible with all Apple phone models and the Android phone you’ll be ditching requires to be running Android 4.0 KitKat or above to use it.

As opposed to what Apple would have wished for, the app hasn’t gone down well with maximum users as many of them have rated the app at just one star (2,050 users). Only 509 users have given a five star review and 33 users with 4 star review.

Source: Apple



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