iPhone 6s screen protector adds forward/back buttons for one-handed operation

Armorz TAP screen Protector for iPhone 6s

The all new iPhone 6s is a slightly better smartphone when compared to the competition and slightly bigger than earlier versions. A bigger phones means that one-handed operation is more difficult with absence of physical back/forward buttons. Armorz has come-up with an innovative screen protector that adds two-button touchscreen to the bottom bezel of the phone which is otherwise unused. This is TAP, a tempered screen protector that allows dual-button access to menu and page toggle function for easy one handed operation.

This new kind of a screen protector with 0.2mm thickness protects your iPhone from screen damage and also ensures that you don’t require two hands to complete any operation. Especially when you have to access menus on top of the phone. The two invisible buttons on the screen protector outside the screen area let you enjoy one-handed operation without any problem. No app required, just stick it to your iPhone and it is good to go. Most of the apps like Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Instagram, Mail, Safari, Snapchat, Twitter, Uber etc. work with the screen protector.

Armorz TAP screen Protector for iPhone 6s

Armorz TAP screen protector for iPhone 6/6 Plus/ 6s is up for funding on Kickstarter and has already reached the funding goal, meaning that the product will be available to the backers for $14 and also available in retail market in the coming months for $ 40.

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