Rock-paper-scissors robot enjoys 100 percent success rate against humans


Researchers are not only working on robots that help make life easy for us. They are already building robots to compete with the humans and also amid themselves – ready for a robot war are you? Realistically, we have seen a ping pong robot nearly impossible to defeat; and here we have a rock-paper-scissors robot delivered onto us by researchers in Japan. The robot is not just good at the Janken (aka rock-paper-scissors), perhaps it’s the best humans have come to know.

The rock-paper-scissors robot challenges human players for a game of rock, paper, scissors, and as we learn, it has never been defeated – 100 percent success rate they say. Get your skill together, or this fellow will come rampaging over our race.

Created by researchers at University of Tokyo, the robot has been in development since 2013. It has remained unbeaten in the game of rock-paper-scissors ever since. The robot has been fitted with high-speed camera as the eye and a high-speed robotic hand to react.

In the game – human competitor counts to three and then gestures rock, paper or scissors and the robot simultaneously gestures a corresponding move with its high-speed robot hand. While human takes almost 60 milliseconds to gesture a winning shape, the robot can do it in just 20 milliseconds; a reason the rock-paper-scissors robot remains unbeaten at the game.

The robot is in version 3.0 and already unbeaten. Researchers however believe there is scope for improvement and want to further enhance the robot for finer human-robot interaction so that it can one day be used in applications requiring precise interaction between humans and robots.

Via: DigitalTrends



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