Suspected Chinese malware affects Apple App Store in a major security breach

Apple app store hack

Apple invests a lot of time, effort and finances in making sure that its services/products are ultra-secure from hackers and other activities. But Apple has some answering to do as their first ever major security breach of the Apple App Store has left many doubts in the mind of Apple users. The malware codenamed XcodeGhost has been found in many apps and it can potentially damage iOS and Mac devices.

This hack has been confirmed by many security firms who have found XcodeGhost embedded in hundreds of apps in App Store. So how did this malware make its way in the App Store? Well, the hackers somehow convinced the app developers to use a tainted version of Apple’s software for developing apps, that counterfeit version being the malicious Xcode software. This puts developers in harm as they were foxed into doing so and didn’t know the fact that they were using a fake version of Xcode. The software version is believed to have unearthed from a server in China.

Although Apple has removed all these apps (approx. 344) from the App Store, but still it shows how vulnerable Apple is to hack attacks. The apps included Chinese messaging app WeChat, CamCard which is a business card scanner app and Didi Chuxing which is a Chinese alternate for Uber. On the other hand, security forms believe that this malware is not much dangerous (of what is known so far), but still exposed a loop hole in the otherwise secure Apple App Store.

For now Apple users don’t need to worry much, but it is advised to keep away from apps originating from Chinese publishers till the smoke has cleared completely. Apple on the other hand has one more thing to worry about their software and code review application that was earlier believed to be secure, even the CIA considered deploying it but I’m sure now they will give it another thought.

Source: Reuters Via: TheVerge



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