Leaked images of Microsoft Band 2 suggest an improved fitness tracker

Microsoft Band 2 Envoy

As opposed to the expectations, Microsoft Band released in the latter half of last year didn’t impress the tech savvy users much. To get over the mistakes and short-comings that were determinant in making it just another wearable fitness tracker, Microsoft has Band 2 in works and it is codenamed as “Envoy”. Microsoft Insider has got their hands on some leaked images of the upcoming fitness tracker and it looks to have some very nifty improvements.

Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker

Microsoft Band 2 has a curved screen that goes with shape of your wrist and has a neat and stylish design. The company perhaps jumped into making a wearable band and released it too early last year, maybe this is what Microsoft should have released as the final product. Anyways, they have learned from their mistakes and as you can see from the rendered images of the final product, the band looks more comfortable to wear and fits ergonomically on the human wrist.

Microsoft Band 2

There are two buttons on the side which should be for toggling the settings of the fitness tracker and if you look closer there is a microphone too. The band will have more sensors like heart-rate sensor, accelerometer, gyro, GPS and galvanic skin response. This will mean probably even more functions to do something extra with the wearable.

To cut it short, the leaked images suggest a more potent fitness tracker coming your way and that is good news for tech savvy fitness freaks. By our assumption, Microsoft Band 2 should be revealed at the company event in the early half of next month, to be precise on 6th October.

Microsoft Band 2



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