Selfie Spoon brings your self-portrait obsession to the dining table

Selfie Spoon

First came the digital cams, then the DSLR’s and today is the time of selfies. Yes, clicking selfies has become an obsession that is hard to die in the next few years. From the novice hand-held selfies to the ones taken with selfie phones, selfie sticks and drones, clicking yourself in photographs is one activity that has gone viral in the world. Not even a plant can resist clicking a selfie of itself in full-bloom. Now the selfie obsession has got another dimension, which is a Selfie Spoon. Wait, what?

Yes, your eyes didn’t betray you and you read it alright. Selfie Spoon is another gadget accessory that satisfies your hunger for clicking selfies while having your favorite meal. This product by Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a spoon that has selfie stick that extends from the back side to a length of 30 inches. That should give you enough room to accommodate your face and feeding frenzy in one.

This product is straight out from the “world of the weird” and out-of-the-box type stuff. Thank god this time it is not the Japanese who have thought of such kind of product.

Selfie Spoon



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