Israeli start-up wants to change the way we interact with AR applications

GemSense Amber and Gem VR hardware

Israeli start-up GemSense has come-up with a plug & play VR computer that makes possible the development and implementation of augmented reality applications that are useful for wearable gadgets, in particular 360-degree view hardware. Their prototype version is a button-sized computer that can be used for development of wearables and IoT gadgets, anything that requires a brain small enough to fit inside the compact form-factor if current age as-well-as future wearables.

GemSense lie to call their first testing and almost market ready product as Amber which can be used to communicate with devices like handheld devices, wearables, smart TV or virtual reality headsets. The gadget creates a bridge between humans and a wide plethora of devices with a user interface that is very understandable and easy to implement. This is made possible with Gem device that can be hooked onto any stick, handle or maybe a banana to register user input.

GemSense have also developed some initial applications and apps that can be used with the hardware. These include Running Man, Ghost Slayer 360, Cave Racer 3D, A-Maze and Virtual Bowling. Some of these are compatible with Gear VR and Google Cardboard too.

With the passage of time, as the hardware gets more versatile and supports more platforms, it functionality will extend even further with wearables that are ever evolving. According to the makers they’ll keep on developing games and applications that are compatible with the tiny computer.

Thankfully, the tiny computer is up for pre-order along with Gem wearable, Google Cardboard, free easy-to-use SDK & Tools and other accessories for just $ 99.95 – $119.95 depending on the package that you choose. Now is that is far cheaper than other VR headsets like Oculus Rift.



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