Apple Watch OS 2 finally launched, six must know advantages

Apple Watch OS 2 advantages

Apple had initially planned to launch its new Watch operating system on September 16. Due to an unexpected bug in the software, which Apple claimed ‘took longer to fix than expected,’ the tech giant had to defer the announcement to a later, undisclosed date. On September 21, Apple released the final, bug free, version of the Watch OS 2, making the upgraded version of the operating system available over-the-air for download to all users.

Considering everything is going to load faster, and there are going to be so many notable features on the Apple Watch, we don’t see a reason you shouldn’t update to Watch OS 2. Here is how to download and update the new OS –

  • Install iOS 9 on your iPhone
  • Now, open the Watch app on the iPhone – go to ‘General’ then ‘Software Update.’ Here you should see a prompt for download and install
  • Hit it, and you’re sorted

How to update Apple Watch OS2

How to update Apple Watch OS 2

The operating system for Apple Watch brings new features to the first wearable from Apple. Interestingly, App developers get better control on the Watch – they can build native apps and take every advantage of watch hardware. Other notable features – most detailed below – include better Siri support and new faces for the Watch.

Apple generally update its operating systems every year; but considering the demand for a fresh software for its Apple Watch, Apple has rolled out the Watch OS 2 which will make the Apple Watch experience more refined, faster, and ever so user-friendly. So, what are the extraordinary features Watch OS 2 brings to the fore?

# Faster loading apps

For now, the apps running on the Apple Watch were extensions of the iPhone apps, which took way too long to load. With Watch OS 2 new software development kit, developers will be able to build apps for the Apple Watch itself, which will run natively on the Watch instead of relying on the iPhone. This will decrease loading time considerably and make apps run faster on the Apple Watch.

# Photo as customized watch face

If you are one who loves to have his favorite photo as wallpaper on the iPhone, Watch OS 2 will let you use a photo as the Apple Watch face for a customized look. You can also chose a photo album as your watch face, so every time you lift your wrist, a new photo will appear from your favorites or the photo album.

Apple Watch OS 2 launched with new watch faces

# New time-lapse faces for the watch

Watch OS 2 brings time-lapse videos of iconic destinations of the world including Hong Kong, London, Mack Lake, New York, Shanghai, and Paris, either of which can be selected as the Apple Watch face.

# Time Travel

Watch OS 2 will include a new feature called Time Travel, which allows a user to rotate Apple Watch’s digital crown to roll forward or backward to see information in calendar, weather or other applications. Time Travel will work with all third-party apps to let you see what happened yesterday, what is happening today, and/or what will happen tomorrow.

# Improved Siri

With Watch OS 2 Siri becomes ever more functional on the Apple Watch. Hey Siri command can take you to your workout app, get you transit direction (from Apple Maps) and even activate the HomeKit to control connected home devices without you having to tap the small icons on the watch with your fat finger.

Apple Watch OS 2 Nightstand mode

# Nightstand mode for you

When not in use during night – just place the Apple Watch on its side and connect to the charger. The Watch goes into Nightstand mode wherein the display will illuminate each time you touch the screen, side button or the digital crown. In Nightstand mode, when the alarm sounds, you can touch the side button to turn it off, or press the digital crown to put it on snooze.



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