Play “Super Mario” or “Metallica” on the rocking “Guitar Boy”

Guitar Boy

When one combines gaming and music, it is pure nirvana. Nothing compares to the fun element and you just want to lock those doors and do both these activities as long as you can do. Fibbef, one of the administrator at BitFixGaming decided to get these two things together for the 2015 Game Boy classic building competition. He managed to fix all the hardware inside an electric guitar and make it look like an over-sized Nintendo Classic Game Boy circa 1989. Not only does it look like a Game Boy fixed inside a guitar, but it is actually functional. No wonder he likes to call it the Guitar Boy.

The brain of this modded guitar with all the controller buttons is a Raspberry Pi B+ with RetroPie version 2.3 connected to a 5-inch LCD screen powered by a 2,200 mAh battery pack. He has probably selected a Game Boy emulator as the application for running all the arcade games on this custom-build machine. An audio selector toggles the audio output from the guitar or Game Boy itself.

Incredibly, the entire body is handmade and the classic buttons for the Game Boy crafted from wood. After completing the final design of this guitar, it is covered by a layer of plexiglass.

Overall the DIY project turned out well and it looks simply amazing. Guitar Boy is surely going to rock the competition and who knows might win it in the end. That said, this is one geeky make that’ll inspire many other Game Boy or Guitar related mods in the future.

Via: HackADay



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