Biodegradable helmet that will not be an environmental hazard after disposal

Giro Silo biodegradable helmet

As an individual who likes to stay close to nature and have as low environmental impact as possible, a bike helmet made from natural materials is just what you wanted. Since bike rider safety is your prime concern, but at the same time you also want to impact the nature as little as possible. For that very reason Giro have introduced an environmentally-friendly helmet having recyclable ABS plastic hard shell and bio-foam liner made from E-PLA (Expandable Polylactic Acid) which is biodegradable. This material is extracted from plant biomass which is 100% natural.

The helmet is in compliance with CPSC testing (for it to be legal in the US) and faired good in all the drop tests and safety requirements. You’ll be elated to know that this helmet is similar to any other conventional helmet with an average life of 10 years, after which you can even use it as hanging planter for your home. The only components of the Silo helmet that are not biodegradable are the buckles that secure your head to it.

Giro Silo biodegradable helmet

As for the comfort, this helmet has eight vents in different locations on the helmet which keeps your head cool and comfy even when wearing for a long duration of time. On styling quotient too this helmet fairs well as has a very simple yet catchy design which will go well with your sporty attire.

Giro Silo helmet is going to be available early next year and it will be available in all the sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, and in three color options. The price is also justified at just $50, so keep an eye on this bike accessory early next year.

Giro Silo biodegradable helmet

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