This waterproof selfie stick shoots underwater footage with your GoPro

Waterproof selfie stick for GoPro

Good news for GoPro users has just arrived in the form of a waterproof selfie stick that can be taken underwater without any worries. This selfie stick mount for the GoPro has an in-built 6,700 mAh battery which extends the shooting time to almost 12 hours in one go. Polar Pro, known for its action sports and outdoor accessories has launched the PowerGrip H2O on Kickstarter and it looks on its way to getting funded on the crowd-funding platform.

It also functions as normal selfie stick and a tripod mount for your camera too

Tailor-made for adventure junkies who want to take their selfie mania underwater, the PowerGrip H2O also functions as a good accessory to have for any kind of other adventure on land. The accessory is made from glass filled nylon which can take any kind of rugged activity during action sports or other activities. It also acts as a standard tripod for taking stable video shots or time-lapse sequences. And when you are feeling good about yourself, you can attach your smartphone to it and click a normal selfie.

The waterproof accessory is quite versatile and no wonder Kickstarter followers have backed this project to an amount of $35,590 so far. With the $50,000 goal not so far way with almost two weeks to go, PowerGrip H2O will most probably make it to the production lines. As an early bird discount the accessory will have a price tag of $69 on Kickstarter, but the retail version will carry a price tag of $99.



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