8 unique ways to click selfies and get noticed on social-media

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Clicking selfie has become a viral trend in the last year or so, and it makes even more sense if you are a loner and want to capture special moments when no one is around to shoot a photo. Initially, clicking a selfie was a simple as taking out your camera, initiating the front camera and clicking a picture. However, times have changed quite drastically and today is the era of the Selfie Stick. It gives you more freedom to click photos and comes handy for short-armed people who have a tough time composing the frame with their smartphone.

But you’ll be surprised to know that Selfie Stick has evolved into an accessory that takes strange form factor and comes with features you wouldn’t have imagined. Here we have a collection of selfie clicking ideas that take a huge leap from the conventional accessory market.

1) Selfie Brush

Selfie Brush

Tailor-made for chicks who just can’t get enough of themselves, this hair brush doubles as selfie clicking accessory that rivals the good old selfie stick. The brush fits inside your bag just like any other hair brush and when it is time to click a photo simply slot-in your iPhone into the brush and click a selfie. The brush also has a side mirror which helps you find the best angle to take perfect selfies. The Selfie Brush is currently available for Apple iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy S4 for $12.99. Support for more phones is expected in the coming months.

2) Selfie Spoon

Selfie Spoon

Ideal for a foodie or a person who is obsessed with selfies, no matter what, the Selfie Spoon is the next surprise accessory in this line-up. The Selfie Spoon doubles as your selfie stick when needed and is a very odd but interesting invention. You can attach your smartphone to the rear-end of the accessory and with Bluetooth connectivity click selfies that have your feeding frenzy caught in the right moment.

3) Selfie Shoes

For those of you who are quite agile and can stretch your legs to take a selfie, here are the Selfie Shoes which free your hands to take selfies that actually don’t look like selfies and seem as if someone else has clicked them. All you have to do is to fit your phone inside the open portion of the sandals and click a photo. Designed by Miz Mooz, the Selfie Shoes, the concept first took off as an April Fools Day prank but soon the makers got numerous requests to make one. The idea seems quite interesting and I’m sure the retail version will have some kind of Bluetooth connectivity and a shutter click button.

4) Selfie Hat

Acer Selfie-Hat

Next up we have a very strange looking big hat that made appearance at the Christian Cowan-Sanluis fashion presentation at London Fashion Week. Made by Acer to promote Iconia A-1 840 tablet, this hat has an extended flap that holds the tablet in place to click selfies. Although I must admit that Selfie Hat is not a very wise way to click selfies, but still for a selfie obsessed beauty, anything that clicks a selfie will do.

5) GripSnap

This is one cool way to click selfies as long as you have an iron light pole around. GripSnap is a super strong magnetic monopod that hold on to any metal surface and clicks selfies for you. You can orient it any direction and stick your smartphone/GoPro inside it and click selfies from a considerable distance. The accessory successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase with a price tag of $39.95.

6) SoloCam

SoloCam Selfie Stick

As a budding journalist you always don’t have the resources to accomplish your dream. The equipment required to become an on the field journalist is very expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. This is when SoloCam selfie stick comes very handy in creating professional level ground reporting videos and too in solo mode. No need for a cameraman or other crew as this selfie stick with a mic turns you into a proactive journalist ready for any live reporting no matter what.

7) PolarPro Powergrip H2O

Waterproof selfie stick for GoPro

For people who love underwater adventures capturing every detail of the mystic word is a blessing. But you cannot take your GoPro underneath the water without stringent water-proofing. And if you are a selfie fanatic then things get even more complicated. For this very reason Polar Pro has introduced PowerGrip H2O, a waterproof selfie stick that won’t let you down on any kind of underwater adventure. The accessory also doubles as a tripod stand for cameras and shooting stable time lapse sequences when on land.

8) Podo

Podo stick camera

Although this is not a selfie stick, but it surely does the task of clicking amazing selfies without having to carry a bulky accessory in your bag. This is Podo, a wireless camera that sticks onto any surface and can take selfies from some very acute angles. Plus it has the advantage of selfie stick not coming in the picture simply because there is no stick as such. This has to be coolest way to click a selfie with your Android or iOS smartphone.



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