Nigerian students develop Humane app to make any phone accessible for blind


Four Nigerian engineering students have developed software that can turn any windows phone into a smartphone accessible to visually impaired. The application software (unavailable for public download) called Humane is brainchild of Victor Shoaga, Ayodele Obasegun, Oyatope Blessing and Otaru Babatunde – engineering students at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The app uses a compatible manual controller to make a smartphone more accessible and easy to use for blind.

We have previously seen customizable phone for blind, touchscreen Braille Phone, 3D printed Braille smartphone and even a Braille smartwatch. But this is for the first time someone’s developed a software to help convert any phone (currently Humane works with Windows phones only) into a Braille phone, convenient for the visually impaired to use.

How does the software work?

The application is not available for public download; it is made available for download only on demand.

Once downloaded onto a visually impaired user’s phone, the user is provided with a manual controller (and a unique identification number). The person is required to enter provided unique ID into the app to set it working – one controller can only work with one handset. Humane features a voice assistant that notifies once the app’s successfully activated.


The controller

The controller is basically a device with two joysticks and a button in the center. While joysticks are used by the user to scroll, the button makes selection of a function easy.

Humane works with the controller via Bluetooth allowing the visually impaired user to carry out various functions on the phone including surfing the web, playing music or audio in videos and or setting and checking time.


Current limitations

Presently the app and controller are both in prototype stage. The controllers have been produced in a very limited quantity. Moreover, the controller despite being durable and easy to use, it’s slightly on the bulkier side.

Source: TechPoint / Via: Designindaba



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