DeepFlight Dragon is a personal submarine for the filthy rich

DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine

At the ongoing Monaco Yacht Show, DeepFlight have revealed their next generation personal submarine dubbed “Dragon” that can be taken on-board a standard yacht and piloted without much training. This two-seater electric engine-powered submersible can operate at a depth of up to 400 feet and courtesy its fixed positive buoyancy the underwater craft comes safely to the water surface in case of some operational glitch. The $1.5million personal submarine is top of the line luxury submersible that’ll definitely appeal to rich adventurous people.

Deep Flight

Deep Flight

Measuring just 16.5-feet and weighing 1800 kg, DeepFlight Dragon is ideal to take on-board your yacht or personal boat, before letting it inside water for some cool underwater exploration. You can take this submarine underwater for almost 6 hours and after that you need to recharge its battery. The charging time is around 6 hours and can be done overnight to gear-up for your next day underwater adventure.

DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine_2

The USP is its easy operability which makes it ideal for any kind of users. As for this submarine, it is powered by a high-efficiency brushless drivetrain which makes very less noise and is safe to operate in water with swimmers or marine animals around.

As Graham Hawkes, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of DeepFlight said:

The big leap forward with our newest model, the Dragon, is its ease of operation. Whether you are a superyacht owner or a resort guest, there is no need for a specially trained pilot. You can take the controls and explore under the waves. After all, you don’t hand the keys to your Ferrari over to your chauffeur!

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DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine

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