Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover is what you’ve always wanted


If you have got used to cat(s) at home, you’ve surely gotten used to sending emails accidently or even making typing err*rs. Get off the keyboard Meow, I’m midway through an article! – Sorry! – As cat owners we’ve come to know the keyboard is what cats love the most. There are two reasons for it – they need your attention (and you’re always busy on the system) and they love to sit on warm things (your typing all day does heat up the keyboard for sure). Since, there is no way you can stop your feline friend from hoping onto the keyboard, its better you secure it and let her be herself.

Known best for their crazily useful inventions – Japanese are behind the Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover that’ll let you work even when your cat’s intruding your productivity.


Sure! The Neko Pochi is a plastic cover for your keyboard that slides above the keyboard to let you slip your hands under it and access the keyboard. Good to withstand up to 10kg (approx. 22 lbs), the 20-x 7-x 5-inch anti-keyboard ensures your work is never hampered with untimely feline paw attack – you know what I mean.

Offered in yellow, blue or clear tray slides, the keyboard cover is available at JapanTrendShop for $73. If you don’t have a cat, you can still take the Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover to keep your phone or tablet right below your eyes, even if you’re busy on the system.


Via: OhGizmo



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