8 functional transparent cars that reveal everything


We are used to seeing so many vehicles on the road and rarely do we come across cars that catch our eye. Traditionally made from solid and light-weight material, cars come in all colors and shapes. But what do you have to say, if I tell you that there are many cars on this planet that are transparent and fully show the interior components of the vehicle. These transparent cars have been developed with some motive in mind, but for us they are amazing treat for the eyes. Let’s have a look at these life-sized transparent cars that’ll make for a good wallpaper on your desk as they definitely look out of the league.

1) TRW Acrylic Car

Transparent car

For an automotive company what would be the best way to showcase a car’s safety components? To make the car transparent and reveal how each of the mechanical parts is working in real-time. That is what TRW Automotive did by commissioning a transparent car made from acrylic material. To add to the glamour, the car was driven by models at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2) Shell Helix ultra-transparent car

Shell Helix Transparent Nissan 370Z

To demonstrate the capability of Shell Helix engine oil in keeping a car’s engine as clean as possible, Shell created a transparent Nissan 370Z in close counters with ad agency JWT. To complete the daunting task of re-creating the Nissan 370Z’s engine compartment and ignition, the company forwarded the task to Asylum Models and Effects. They created this amazing master-piece from Perspex which is an acrylic material.

# Making of the transparent Nissan 370Z

3) Transparent Lexus LFA car

Transparent car

At the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and Milan Design week besides the newly launched (at that time) Lexus LFA, the car-maker also showcased a transparent version of the vehicle. The transparent version of LFA designed by Scu Fujimoto, a Japanese architect was so striking that it grabbed even more attention when compared to the real version. The attention to detail in the making of this sculpture car is just mind-boggling. Everything right from the seats to the engine is an exact replica of the real car.

Transparent Lexus LFA by Scu Fujimoto_1

4) Subaru Boxer Sports car Architecture

Transparent car

Subaru ventured out on developing a Boxer Sports Car Architecture Concept in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation ahead of the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The main motive of the exercise was to demonstrate the layout of 2-liter horizontal-opposed Boxer engine and the rear wheel drive hardware. The concept car has no seats and almost redunadant interiors and for good reason too as the company wants to demonstrate the prowess of its engine and drivetrain.

5) Project Lola

Transparent car

This is the Project Lola, a transparent exterior body car that is designed by students at the DeLaSalle Automotive Design Studio in Kansas City, Missouri as a part of their high school class project. You won’t believe that the plug-in electric car is built on a wrecked Indy Lola Champ car chassis, suspension and brakes. After building the car with help from engineers at Bridgestone Americas Technical Center in Akron, Ohio; the students tested it on the 8 mile long oval track at Fort Stockton in Texas. Amazingly the car achieves a fuel efficiency of 440 miles per gallon when driven at a speed of 25 miles per hour.

6) Transparent Sports Car

Transparent car

At the Moscow International Motor Show 2014, Russian sports car design experts MIS&S National University of Science and Technology have developed a transparent sports car that has many high-tech features. It has self-cleaning windows, durable engine coating, tiny magnets for engine rotors and a corrosion-resistant underside that will last forever. The two-seater car looks very clean and turned eye-balls at the motor show.

7) TE Connectivity transparent car

Transparent car

At the Electronica trade fair 2014 in Munich, Germany, TE Connectivity showcased their full-scale transparent car. Main motive was to show the automotive solutions and the variety of new electronic systems that the company has developed. Since the focus is on electronic components of this car, there is no engine or drivetrain in this car.

Transparent car

8) Pontiac Ghost Car

Transparent car

If you were thinking that making transparent cars is a trend that is new, you’ll be surprised to know that Pontiac made one way back in 1939. For the 1939-1949 World’s Fair in New York, Pontiac collaborated with chemical company Rohm & Haas who developed plexiglass and created the entire body shell of 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six. It came to be known as the Ghost Car and was a big hit with the people who caught a glimpse of it at the GM Highways and Horizons pavilion. At that time the original car cost just $700, but this unique masterpiece got sold for $308,000 in an auction by RM Auctions in 2011.



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