4 crazy tales from queues waiting for iPhone 6s launch


Yesterday, September 25 was the day when iPhone 6s went on sale for the first time. While, there were a few million takers who had pre-ordered for the flagship phone, there were thousands of others who queued up outside stores in their respective countries – some for a day and some for couple of days together.

Apple is used to such reactions from its fanboys whenever it launches a new iPhone. The excitement builds up as launch day nears and people consider it matter of pride to own one of the first few iPhones.

That said, over the years on iPhone launch days we have come to know of various crazy tales from around the world. This time was no different. There were many kinds of people in queues for the iPhone 6s – there were genuine Apple fanatics, there were taker who only wanted an iPhone to resell for profit, there were some who were professional queuers, paid to stand in the line and then there were robots! Yes robots in queue! Read below for four exciting stories that transpired in queues waiting patiently (or is it!) for iPhone 6s launch outside stores.

# Women sends telepresence robot to stand in queue for her

Robot in iPhone 6s launch queue

One Apple fanatic was hit with a brilliant idea of outsourcing the grueling task of standing in a queue -waiting for iPhone 6s launch – to a robot. Lucy Kelly hired from Sydney, sent a telepresence robot with an iPad attached to a remote-controlled stand to the Apple Store in Sydney. The robot arrived outside the store at 5am and was fourth in queue. Lucy was able to use the camera and microphone on the iPad (courtesy an app) to communicate with others queued up outside the store. http://mashable.com/2015/09/24/robot-iphone-6s/#nMBvstckWmq2

# Samsung trespasses queues in London

Samsung in iPhone 6s launch queue

People queued up outside Apple Store in London’s Regent Street were in for an unpleasant surprise. Samsung had a marketing agency down on the street gatecrashing Apple’s launch party and distributing various souvenirs to promote their 2015 flagship phones. According to IBTimes, people dressed in blue jackets were handing out water bottles, pillows and blankets with Samsung hashtag #NextisNew to everyone waiting in queue. Obviously, there was not one Apple fan that had their mind changed. Sorry Samsung!

# Vietnamese phone traders play smart queue game

Vietnam phone traders pay queues

What do you do if you are from a country where iPhone 6s isn’t launching on day one? You pay people to go across borders and queue up for a piece of Apple’s cake. Vietnam was not in the list of countries where iPhone 6s and 6s plus were officially available for purchase on September 25. Phone traders in Vietnam paid people to queue up overnight to purchase the phones in Singapore and Hong Kong – the idea is to get the iPhones and sell them for profit in Vietnam.

# When effects of queuing up got to the head

Fight at iPhone 6s launch queue in Singapore

Like elsewhere, queuing up outside stores in Singapore wasn’t any easy either. Long queues and bad weather took toll on many heads. One row broke out at 9:30pm, night before the launch, outside JEM shopping mall. It involved two groups of queuers – in the footage from the incident – a woman is unhappy about how she and her friends (she claims were 23rd in the queue) have been pushed back to 50th spot. She claims many people cut the queue. According to Channel8News – other group claims – the lady’s group was actually the one that cut the queue.



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