10 deadliest slingbows you can make at home


Making a weapon at home is not the best idea for a novice DIYer, but you’ve got to start somewhere I believe. Whether you want to do it just for fun or increase your portfolio for DIY projects made at home, weapons should always be used in a safe environment. In this edition of DIY homemade weapons we have a collection of the coolest crossbows that you can make in your basement and show-off to friends or maybe shoot a rabbit in the woods, and nothing more. Let’s have a look at some of the best slingbows that are easy to make at home and have good impact when they hit the target.

CAUTION: Each one of these DIY crossbows should only be used for fun and not for any illegal activities. You should administer extreme caution while making one of these and also during testing when you make one.

1) Slingshot Bow

Slingshot Bow

Want to make a slingbow but don’t have much time on hand? Then this DIY slingbow is for you. All that is needed is a slingshot, whisker biscuit, zip tie and some arrows. You’ll be able to make this one in just under 15 minutes if you have all the required items.

2) Skyblaster Slingshot

If you are bored with the usual slingbows that fire arrows, then this balloon shooting Skyblaster Slingshot is one you should also make. Having the power to shoot water balloons over a distance of 150 feet, this DIY will make for a good weekend project.

3) Fox Slingbow

Fox Slingbow

If you are looking for a survival hunting system which is lightweight and small, Fox Slingbow is your ideal weapon. Designed after extensive tinkering and lot of effort, the Fox Slignbow is tailor-made for outdoor camping and other trips into the wild where you need a quick action weapon in case a wild animal attacks.

4) Tactical slingbow

Another slingbow that is based on catapult mechanism and is extremely accurate. It can inflict some serious damage as it fires arrows with extreme force. You can use it as a survival tool or one to show off your shooting skills. Pretty easy to make and master in a short time, this slingbow is quite cool.

5) PVC Slingbow

Want to make a dirt cheap yet accurate slingbow for just $5? Backyard armory shows you how to make one, having a force of 45 pounds. As you can see in the DIY video, it is quite easy to make and when complete it shoots accurate artillery on the target without much problem.

6) Rambone slingshot

This slingbow by Joerg Sprave is a classic example of how to make an easy to carry and compact slingbow. Called as Rambone, this slingshot packs a lot of power and transfers it to the weapon loaded in the slingbow.

7) Slingbow with Speargun rubber

If it is a slingbow, then it’s very hard to keep Joerg Sprave out of the action. His idea of a slingbow with speargun rubber looks very similar to a recurve bow. The string is replaced by rubber of varying thickness for use by different users. Joe explains every little detail of how to make this slingbow that more or less functions like a bow.

9) Tactical HFX slingbow

tactical slingbow

A slingbow made for the kill. This amazing Tactical Slingbow is fitted with a telescopic vision and a tactical flashlight to kill during the dark hours of the day when wild animals are most active. Set your sight in the crosshair and shoot any birds, dear or rabbits and enjoy a tasty bonefire cooked feast with this unmistakable slingbow.

10) Apocalypse Slingbow

Apocalypse slingbow

This slingbow is made with the intention to shoot down zombies and perhaps a bear on the odd day. The weapon has a unique mechanism for shooting down anything that comes in its way.

# Wristbow

Patrick Priebe is another seasoned DIYer with a keen interest in making laser-guided weapons, yes he has made a slingshot like crossbow too. This is WristBow, a laser-guided crossbow-gauntlet made from solid metal material and has a range of 10 meters. The weapon is inspired by the Phantom Blade from Assassins Creed Unity.



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