NCS Aries-K Lego spaceship will serve minifigs on their trip to space

ncs Aries K lego spaceship

SHIPtember is when Lego community challenges each other to build largest of spaceships during the month of September. The challenge is largely to build spaceSHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts) that should at least be 100 Lego studs long. To be a part of the challenge this year, four Lego enthusiasts Jason Allemann, Michael Gale, Kristal Dubois, Lucie Filteau joined hands and built this custom Lego spaceship called NCS Aries-K that’s large and unique in all proportions.  

It’s a general notion that a month is too long a period for building spaceships, thus a new marathon building trend has taken off. Marathon building sounds intriguing, but its excruciating, something Jason and team learnt the hard way.

The team has built NCS Aries-K using over 5000 Lego pieces, 5 power function motors and 27 custom wired LEDs in a course of just 21.5 hours. The ship measures 6-feet 2-inches long and is complete with food growing area, a lounge and two air decks for smaller space supply ships to come and deck.

If you’re inspired and want to see how the spaceship came together, hit the jump to see a time lapse video of the making.

Via: JKBrickworks



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