$1,800 TAG Heuer smartwatch coming on November 9


In the early half of this year during BaselWorld 2015 TAG Heuer revealed their undercover smartwatch project in collaboration with Intel that was going to be released in the holiday season. The plans are on track as TAG Heuer has made another revelation that confirms the release date. Swiss watchmaker has confirmed that on November 9 at the LVMH building in New York, CEO Jean-Claude Biver will release this swanky Android smartwatch to the world.

TAG Heuer smartwatch will look like any classic Swiss watch

On this very date you can get your hands on the smartwatch that is going to look like any other TAG Heuer watch, but with a difference. It will do more than just tell you time. It will pop-up notifications and keep track of your health too. The smartwatch is going to carry a price tag of $1800 and is going to be stacked against Apple Watch as stern competition.

Biver admitted that the biggest challenge in the making of this smartwatch is how to make it look like a Swiss watch and still have all the features of a smartwatch. He also added that this steep price will be justified when the smartwatch is finally launched and it is good to see some competition in this segment with Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Edition stepping the bar up for luxury smartwatches.

Source: CNBC/Bloomberg



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