Affordable $200 GoPro Hero+ with Wi-Fi shoots full HD videos at 60fps

GoPro Hero+ affordable action camera

Wondered how many more GoPro Heroes would sell if the tiny action cam was slightly affordable? If you did and you were waiting for a cheaper version; GoPro has granted your wish in the GoPro Hero+ – a full HD video action camera with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a modest $200 price tag. Capturing and sharing immersive images and videos on the go was never so easy and affordable.  

GoPro Hero+ can shoot 720p and 1080p videos at an amazing 60 frame per second. The camera has a striking 8MP camera for best quality stills, Burst photos and time lapse videos of impressive image quality that GoPro is known for. And addition of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes sharing content on-the-go more accessible, simple sync the camera to any mobile device using GoPro’s mobile app and there you have all the content transferred in a jiffy.

GoPro Hero+ affordable action camera-1

For all marine shooters, GoPro Hero+ is integrated into a durable, waterproof housing, which allows the Hero+ to be carried up to 40m underwater without hassle. Though Hero+ lacks a touchsreen, dual mics and 4K support, it surely makes an affordable by for this holiday season.

GoPro Hero+ will be on sale beginning October 4.

Via: TNW



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