$130,000 Tesla Model X hits the road; Elon Musk finally undrapes the electric SUV

Tesla Model X

The keenly anticipated Tesla Model X crossover SUV has been finally launched by Elon Musk as Tesla Motors look to venture out on another successful electric vehicle mission that promises to change the complexion of urban commuting. This seven-seater vehicle has gull-winged doors and 6 lucky customers got their hands on the first ever electric SUV that costs a whooping $130,000. For an electric car the Tesla Model X impresses with a top speed of 155 mph and an acceleration of 3.2 seconds from 0-60 mph. and most importantly it will go an average 250 miles on single charge courtesy its 90 KWh battery unit mated to the drivetrain.

Luxurious electric SUV with impressive performance that takes you miles before needing a recharge

Model X has been a long time coming as it got delayed quite a few times in the past. Now that it is ready to hit the roads, Tesla Motors Model X is looking to ride on the success of the Tesla Model S sedan. Also, the maker claims that this is the safest car in the world with an expected 5 star rating even before the launch. Safety is its forte and with features like Automatic emergency braking, side-collision avoidance and 360-degree autopilot; this EV will be hard to resist for big pocketed folks.

Tesla Model X interiors

The driver will be in full control of this SUV at all times with a big 17-inch touchscreen that displays all the controls. The car also boasts an air filtration system with ‘Biological Defense Mode’ that protects riders from biological attack.

For those in US who have ordered the SUV with an advance amount of $5000, the wait will extend another 8-12 months. Also, a launch for the European market is also anticipated soon.

Tesla Model X Launch

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X_1

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X_5

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X_4

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