Underwater jetpack makes you glide effortlessly through water

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Jetpacks have always been the most exciting innovation of modern times, and there a good reason for it. They give us wings and perhaps the most exhilarating experience of flight that we otherwise can only long for. Now, yet another intuitive project seeks to let loose our adventure thirst, and make us fly underwater like an amphibious mammal. This is exactly what underwater divers would love to have in their hands. x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack developed by the duo of brothers Simon and Chris Parke is up on Indiegogo for fund-raising, and promises to bring another dimension to watersports as-well-as underwater exploration.

The project has been in works for quite some time and now it looks to make it through to the production queues. This wearable underwater jetpack produces a thrust of almost 40kg and goes at a speed in the range of 6mph for a duration of 60 minutes. On top of it all, the jetpack is 3D printed which makes it extremely robust.

You can glide underwater for 60 minutes using this jetpack

It can be used by snorkelers, free-diving experts or hobbist swimmers to glide through waters in a whole new, never before experienced way. For those who can push the limits of this jetpack, performing underwater maneuvers is also an option.

x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack is going to be yours for $2000 (a bit pricey but worth the experience) if you pledge it on Indiegogo and as usual the retail price is going to be much higher.

x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack



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