Self-driving taxis coming to Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics

Robot Taxi

Self-driving cars are emerging to be the prime vision of the near future where automated vehicles will rule the streets. That dream is inching closer to reality as we have many prototype self-driving cars that promise safe ride even in the crowded streets that are not getting less busy in the coming years. Yet another development is taking place in Japan where a company Robot Taxi is on the verge of bringing robot taxis to the streets by 2016. The company is a joint venture between internet company DeNA and self-driving car technology company ZMP with support from the Japanese government.

The self-driving cabs will be tested with 50 people in Kanagawa prefecture, which is a less crowded area located just south of Tokyo. The designated area of operation is going to be 3km and the targeted audience during these tests is going to be the elderly section of the society and people with limited access to public transport. These self-driving taxis will ferry people from their homes to the local grocery stores, and during the testing phase make further improvement to the services.

This self-driving car will be tested shortly and slated for commercial use in 2020

Both the government and Robot Taxi Company are vouching to bring fully automated taxi service for the general public by the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics which is great news.

The idea seems quite novel as majority of the Japanese population is over the age of 65. That said, self-driving taxis will bring a more streamlined way to commute in the city of Tokyo and possibly in the next two decades in other parts of the globe too.

Source: WSJ



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