Amputee kitten gets 3D printed wheelchair to walk again

3D printed wheelchair for Cassidy

A courageous kitten that was aimlessly surviving after losing both his hind legs at birth, has received a wheelchair, which allows him to walk most comfortably. The two-legged kitten found fighting for life in forests of Aldergrove, British Columbia, took his first steps recently thanks for a 3D printed wheelchair. Reportedly, the kitty’s hind legs were accidentally chewed off by his mother while trying to snap off the umbilical cord.

The kitten named Cassidy who had almost starved to death was first spotted by a local property owner who informed Shelly Roche of Tiny Kittens society (that cares for abandoned and stray cats). Roche rescued the kitten and took her straight to a vet, where it took her “lots of food and antibiotics” in first week, to recover.

Kitten Cassidy gets 3D printed wheelchair jpg

Once healthy, Cassidy still wasn’t at the best, the missing hind legs only amounted to her problems. Roche tried a few tricks to help the kitten walk, but not finding a permanent solution, she took to social media. Through the online campaign, Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, students at Walnut Grove Secondary voluntarily built a 3D printed wheelchair for the kitten. Roche is now looking for someone to adopt Cassidy and give him a life that the cat deserves.

Via: BuzzFeed



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