WorldBeing wristband tracks your daily carbon footprints

Layer WorldBeing wristband tracks carbon footprint

We all want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. To help you take the first step towards environmental upkeep, Layer has conceptualized a wristband that helps track your daily carbon footprints.  Called the WorldBeing, it comprises of a wristband and an integrated app. The wearable is self directed – it tracks an individual’s carbon usage and empowers the user to make better decisions.

Founder of layer design studio and creator of ‘WorldBeing,’ Benjamin Hubert, said,

We desperately need a platform that helps the world to understand what our personal carbon footprint is, and why we should be decreasing it.

WorldBeing, made from recycled e-waste, maps individual’s every day decisions from food to clothes to travel . With all the data, users can understand their carbon footprints, create personal goals, challenge friends and mend their ways for a better world. Through the wearable, one can be aware of their carbon usage and using the app can notify friends about the accomplishments.

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Through the app, the WorldBeing can be connected to a smartphone or tablet to track and share data on social networks. The wearable features an ultra-low power e-ink display and features small stand that charges WorldBeing almost 60% more efficiently.

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Via: DesignBoom



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