Computer program alerts doctors on detecting seizures in infants

Computer program detects infant seizures

A team of scientists at the University College Cork have developed a computer algorithm that can alert doctors of newborn babies having seizures. The early detection computer program dubbed ANSeR is first-of-its-kind program developed to clinical trial stage. Almost 1-5 percent of babies can have seizures and clinical signs may be absent in as many as 85 percent of such infants, therefore a breakthrough as this, which potentially helps doctors detect a seizure attack can help millions of babies worldwide.

14-month old Tara-Lee Harte from Clonakilty in west Cork is involved in the clinical trials of the program. Tara had complications at birth, now the program alerts her doctors when she is in difficulty permitting doctors to make immediate intervention and treat her accordingly.

Scientists at Infant Research Centre at Cork University Maternity Hospital believe the ANSeR could soon see integration in equipments to monitor newborns. Expected to be go on global distribution next year, ANSeR is presently being highly scrutinized at a conference on newborn brain research in Cork.

Via: RTENews



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