Steeply priced Land Rover Defender pedal car for your demanding kid

Defender Pedal Car

Jaguar Land Rover is paying a fitting tribute to the iconic Defender that has been in production since 1948 and well known as Huey. Homage in the way of a fresh new Defender pedal car concept that is all set to go into production and available for sale in mid-2016. The vehicle is made from rolled-edge aluminum frame and hand-finished with the Loire Blue that is associated so well with the original Defender’s color scheme.

This scaled down model is aimed for drivable toy car enthusiasts and young kids who want to show-off their opulence in a pedal-powered car that radiates class. Young drivers can pedal it forward or backwards to go around the block and has parking brakes too. The toy car has all the characteristics of legendary HUE 166 like the cylindrical running bars, chequer plate or the robust off-road tires with mudflaps. To make the ride comfortable, the pedal car has spring suspension too.

Defender Pedal Car

The interiors are stamped with Land Rover class as the Defender Pedal Car Concept has a reminiscent dashboard, steering wheel that looks strikingly close to the Defender, storage section in the rear with cover, leather finish and trimmed seats.

This miniature car has no engine and requires pedal-power to move forward or back

Interestingly, you can get an old Defender for the price tag of £10,000 that is expected to the money you’ll have to slash out for this toy car. Perhaps, buying a £16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car for your young one is a better option since it has a 3 gear engine that can reach 45mph.

Land Rover Defender Pedal Car

Defender Pedal Car

Source: LandRover



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