$99 OLO transforms any smartphone into a 3D printer

olo smartphone 3D printer

According to statistics, about 80 percent of adults use smartphones yet, the remarkable gadget is devoid of an awesome technology. Not anymore! Unveiled at Maker Faire in New York, OLO by Solido3D is first device that transforms any smartphone under the sky into a functional 3D printer. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones, OLO visions to make 3D printing easy, quick and tremendously affordable. OLO is expected to be available for purchase at only $99 post Kickstarter campaign for the device is launched.

Details of OLO haven’t been official released, but according to 3DPrintingIndustry, the battery-powered device will ‘consist of just 7 components and one motor’ and will use smartphone as a projector. Using a dedicated free app, and by stuffing a phone into the device, one will be able to manage 3D models.Users will be able to share 3D models with friends over social sites or show-off their skills to the OLO community.

olo smartphone 3D printer-1

Solido3D is expected to begin OLO Kickstarter campaign towards the end of October. Interested folks can win OLO for free, by entering a competition – taking selfie and posting the same on Instagram with #olo3d (hashtag).

olo smartphone 3D printer-2

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