Functional Lexus Origami Car crafted from 1700 cardboard pieces

Lexus Origami Car IS Sedan

Lexus has been trying to keep their creative bits activated lately with activities that are out-of-the-box. We saw that with the Lexus Hoverboard which in its own right is quite unique and challenging project. Now, the forward-thinking automaker has come-up with Origami Car that is made from 1700 corrugated cardboard pieces. Amazingly the car is fully drivable and is based on their IS300H Sedan. For this inspiring project Lexus chose their 5 most skilled people, who they call Takumi (known as Artisan in Japanese) and ventured on a 3 month project that goes with the automaker’s “Creating Amazing global brand campaign”.

Made from corrugated cardboard pieces this car is absolutely driveable on road

To achieve this jaw-dropping feat Lexus collaborated with LaserCut Works and Scales and Models (London-based design companies) to make the cardboard car to be as real as possible. First they created the virtual 3D model of Lexus IS sedan and then divided each of the digital design into different parts which would be replicated on the cardboard and assembled completely by hand. The laser cut cardboard pieces were glued using a water-based glue which requires 10 minutes for drying.

It comes as a great surprise that the car has fully fitted interiors, functional doors, headlights and wheels. Nothing has been left to chance and Lexus engineers have somehow managed to fit a functional engine and tires to magically move this car on the tarmac.

Everything about this Origami Car has been crafted in such fine detail that it somehow tricks the eyes into believing that the four-wheeler is just like any other car from a distance.

Thankfully, Lexus Origami Car is going to be at the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham, U.K., from October 8–11 so better spare some time to see it if you happen to be in that location. After all, this is one master-piece creation which will make your eyes pop-out of surprise.

Lexus Origami Car IS Sedan

Lexus Origami Car IS Sedan_1

The making of Lexus Origami Car

Source: Lexus



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