15 spectacular wingsuit stunts that will make your heart pop-out

15 daredevil wingsuit stunts

The sport of wingsuit flying has gripped adventure junkies in the last decade or so for its sheer adrenaline rush inducing capabilities. Your wingsuit and body function as one to create enough surface area to increase lift and virtually fly like a bird. Some daredevil souls have perfected the art of wingsuit flying to the extreme levels where nothing can stop them. In today’s compilation of death-defying adventure sports we take a look at some of the most dangerous stunts performed while using a wingsuit. Sit back and watch these hair-raising wingsuit flights that will bring heart in your mouth!

CAUTION: All these stunts have been performed by trained athletes and should not be undertaken without training and knowledge.

1) Wingsuit flight between two buildings

Sebastian Alvarez flying through two buildings

Adventure freak and wingsuit flyer Sebastián Álvarez decided to take-up the challenge of flying between two high-rise buildings and did it successfully. Using his Vampire 4 wingsuit, Sebastián achieved decided to do this stunt in his hometown of Reñaca, Chile. After going through the gap of 12 meters between the two towering buildings, he came down safely to the ground to the amazement of his team and supporters.

2) Red Bull’s Epic flight over New York City

Watch 5 red Bull Air Force members make a synchronized flight over the jaw-dropping New York City skyline. They made use of a new wingsuit technology that aided them in flying two miles in just two minutes at a speed of 118mph. They dropped off an airplane at 8,200 feet above the southern tip of Manhattan and after completing the flight in the wingsuit they all deployed their parachutes to land on a barge in the Hudson River.

3) Flying through a narrow canyon

GoPro athelete Marshall Miller flying through canyon.

This is one wingsuit stunt that made me shut my eyes. Marshall Miller, GoPro athlete took on the challenge of flying through the deep crags of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona, and pulled-off the stunt with incredible ease. He made it look extremely stress-free, but mind you, it has to be one of the craziest wingsuit stunt that you’ll ever come across.

4) Flying through a 2 meter wide crevice

Uli Emanuele wingsuit flight
Slated as one of the most technically difficult base jump ever, this one made me jump out of my seat. Whoah! How could anyone do something this dangerous? That someone is Uli Emanuele who prepared for almost 3 years before finally having the confidence to fly in a wingsuit through a two-meter wide crack between rock formation in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. All the action was recorded using GoPro HERO2 camera.

5) Wingsuit flight over Pyramids

Wingsuit flight over pyramids

It’s Red Bull again with their daredevil stunts performed by daring athletes. This time around they commission 43-year old Belgian Base jumper Cedric Dumont to take an epic flight over the great pyramids of Giza. Seeing the pyramids from the sky above with the feeling of freefall is just eternal, watch the video below of this epic wingsuit flight.

6) Wingsuit water landing

Wingsuit water landing

As cool as it might sound, the authenticity of this video is still under the scanner. Frenchman Raphael Dumont claims to have completed the first ever wingsuit landing on water without using a parachute and somehow it defies logic. As you can see in the video, the build-up to the main jump is quite dramatic and when the moment of truth arrives and Raphael hits the water, it is shown from just one angle.

7) Paraglider landing on wingsuit flyer

Norwegian paraglider Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn lands on wingsuit flyer Espen Fadnes in mid air

Espen Fadnes and Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn of Norway wanted to do something different as stunt maniacs, so they decided to come-up with a mid-air stunt that was unique. In what is called ‘the most fascinating mid-air acts’ – paraglider Bryn landed on wingsuit flyer Fadnes as they soared past the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China. The flying enthusiasts took off from different locations before joining each other in mid-air for this daring challenge.

Norwegian paraglider Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn lands on wingsuit flyer Espen Fadnes in mid air

8) Wingsuit chase in the woods

Wingsuit chase in the woods

This stunt by wingsuit flying expert Graham Dickinson and his buddy Dario Zanon is too action packed to believe. Perhaps, one of the most daredevil stunts you’ll ever see as the duo whizz past the trees and sometimes come so close to the ground that you almost skip a beat. Legitimacy of this video is also under question because some frames are too dangerous and speedy to believe that they are real. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

9) Wingsuit precision flight

Wingsuit flight breaks flag

Wingsuit pilot, Sebastian Alvarez demonstrates the skill of flying with a wingsuit as he blasts through a styrofoam painted Chilean flag placed on top of an extinct volcano in Santiago de Chile. Like other death defying wingsuit stunts, this one too is right up there on the top and requires a big heart to venture out on one.

10) High Five on low level flight

High-Five on low wingsuit flight

Just like Sebastian, wingsuit daredevil Sammy Rohan shows what can be done while flying wearing a wingsuit. He jumps off a cliff in Chamonix, France and flies quite close to the ground in order to high-five a big hand held by his friend on the ground. This stunt was done for a good cause to raise funds and that makes it even more special.

11) Wingsuit night flight over Panama City

Wingsuit night flight over Panama City

Fying a wingsuit during the day time is dangerous enough, imagine what kind of risks it carries during the night time. GoPro athlete Roberta Mancino embarked on one of the most visually enticing wingsuit flight that you’ll ever see. Model Roberta known for her daredevil stunts as a base jumper, sky diver and wingsuit flyer managed to pull of this stunt flawlessly as she takes flight in a glowing wingsuit over the Panama city.

12) Low level wingsuit flight

Low height wingsuit flight

Another wingsuit flight that you’ve to see to believe. Watch Darren Burke take a low level wingsuit flight that’ll surprise you as he takes on the wild trees and unpredictable terrain. He goes past the trees as incredible speed and also very close to the ground in this daredevil wingsuit flight.

13) Wingsuit as a flying carpet

Wingsuit flyer as flting carpet for parachute jumper

Espen Fadnes and Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn feature again in this epic compilation of the greatest wingsuit flights ever. This time around they pull-off an unimaginable stunt in Romsdalen valley, Norway. Taking things forward from their last stunt, the duo perform a solid connection between wingsuit flyer and skydiving canopy flyer for more than 20 seconds.

14) Wingsuit flight agonizingly close to the cliffs

Wingsuit flight by Scotty Bob

Yet another wingsuit flight that is too dangerous to imagine that anyone could ever perform it. This is Scotty-Bob flying so close to a cliff that it would take a big heart to go ahead with such a stunt. Not only does he fly close to the cliffs, but also whizzes past trees and ground at break-neck speed.

15) Wingsuit flight through a waterfall

Wingsuit flight through waterfall

This has to be the most picturesque wingsuit stunt that we have in this line-up. A fearless wingsuit flyer puts his Squirrel Aura wingsuit to the test as he flies perilously close to a towering mountain in Switzerland that has the most spectacular waterfall you’ll ever see. Watch the video of this final wingsuit stunt that we have for you.



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