Light’s L16 camera packs 16 cameras in one body to deliver DSLR quality

Light L16 camera

Smartphone cameras have changed the way we perceive point and shoot cameras. Most of the photography needs are catered to by smartphone cameras and for whatever else we prefer high-end DSLRs with interchangeable lenses. To provide you quality and control of a DSLR and convenience of a smartphone, photography start-up Light has unveiled the L16 camera – referred to as the world’s first multi-aperture computational camera, at the Code/Mobile conference in California. This amazing new camera uses multiple small cameras and sensor that remain permanently integrated into the body, as opposed to DSLRs that use interchangeable lenses.

Light L16 camera-1Shooting photographs at 52 megapixels resolution; the rectangular-shaped L16 features 16 inexpensive lenses – five at 70mm focal length, five at 35mm and six at 150 mm. L16 uses at least 10 of these cameras simultaneously to shoot one photograph using variety of focal lengths. And, if you were wondering what ‘multi-aperture computational camera’ could do better than you’re new smartphone camera – with computational photography, L16 can create finer image in low light and can reduce image noise.

Light L16 camera-2

Capable of shooting 4K videos, the L16 features a large 5-inch touchscreen display and a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to capture professional quality photos as and when you want. L16 comes with Wi-Fi for connectivity and runs Android operating system; means you can instantly share what you have captured on social media straight from the camera.

Light L16 camera-3

Light can be reserved (pre-ordered) at $1,299 until November 6. Thereafter the price will be increased to $1,699. Sadly, in either case, L16 is not expected to ship before summer of 2016.

Light L16 camera-4

Via: Re/Code



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