Belkin Charger Dock charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously

Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

I know you would be very proud of owning both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. But how do you charge the two – ah, different cables, different points. To give you single point option, Belkin has launched a Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone – first-of-its-kind dock that lets you charge both your prized Apple gadgets from the same dock.

Using the same magnetic charging technology that Apple Watch magnetic charging cable does, the Charger Dock comes with a single 5 foot cable. The dock has a metal base in silver finish, while the charging arm that extends for the Watch charger is made in metal and features a chrome finish. The dock is covered in non slip and non scratch material to ensure your devices are secure when docked.

Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone-1

The dock features integrated, adjustable Lighting connector for iPhone and the watch charging portion features integrated magnetic charger for the Apple Watch. Made to elevate the watch above the surface, the metal arm dial is good to power up Apple Watch with all band types. The charger holds watch in an angle so that you can see the watch dial when it’s charging.

According to Belkin, Charger Dock is the first dock made for the Apple Watch, but in addition to the watch, the dock can also charge iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5. Albeit it’s not mentioned by Belkin, we assume the dock will be functional with the latest iPhones – iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus.

Belking Charger Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is available for $130.

Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone-2

Via: Belkin



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