Artist creates abstract 3D human figures inside glass enclosures, displayed in NYC

Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin

Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Dustin Yellin best known for his unique and large scale collages encased within layers of glass is back with his new collection – Psyschogeographies. Psyschogeographies, the study of human form, from abstract perspective, is the newest exhibition commissioned at the New York City Bellet for the annual Art series. Like his previous works, the interesting collection of life-sized humanoid figures is also cased inside glass enclosures.

While the images (below) will do all the talking, we will let you know that the alien-like human form stacked within vertical planes of glass are meticulously made by putting thousands of drawings, paintings, magazines, dictionary and encyclopedia cuttings together. The eye-catching sculptures, inspired by taxonomic art (19th century art form) focus on otherworldly mutations of living things.

Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-5

Each of these sculptures is painstakingly made – the 12 figures in Psyschogeographies series are made over a period of 6 years. Just hit the jump and enjoy the amazing work of art the Yellin says, is “on permanent display at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC.”

Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-3Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-1 Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-2 Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-4 Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-6 Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-7 Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin-8

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