Want to enjoy your favorite TV shows inside the Thiksey Monastery?

Samsung The Catch up Grant

Samsung’s “The Catch up Grant”

We all have been addicted to binge-watching at some point in our life for those addictive TV series that keep growing every time you see an episode. Samsung wants to take binge-watching to a whole new level with their latest promotion stunt for the all new 65-inch curved screen SUHD TV. Imagine watching your favorite TV shows in a tranquil setting that compares to no other place on this planet. And to top it off you also get paid 100 days to catch up with TV series that you missed due to busy lifestyle.

Samsung’s “The Catch-up Grant”

The Catch-up Grant”, as Samsung likes to call it, has been conceived by DDB Stockholm which takes you to the spiritual sanctuary of Himalayas and watch hours of television. That spiritual sanctuary being the Thiksey Gompa Monastery in Himalayas.

Now that is chance of a lifetime for ones who love spirituality and peace, but secretly also like to watch “The Desperate Housewives”.

Countless hours of viewing TV series on the new SUHD TV

Countless hours of viewing TV series on the new SUHD TV

Watch countless hours of TV series in the tranquil setting of Himalayas for 100 days

One lucky winner will get the chance to enjoy binge-watch in a spiritual setting that refreshes your soul beyond comprehension. The experience will begin in November and the winners will be chosen from the applicants of Nordic Nations only.

Just imagine watching your favorite TV series as the monks go on enchanting their prayers in the lap of nature. By-the-way the event is going to be covered extensively in a series of episodes and it would be perfect to binge-watch the binge-watching of the winner. It already sounds exciting to me!

Watch how Samsung transported 65-inch SUHD TV to the monastery

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