Bridgestone releases Ecopia, an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient tire in India

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Bridgestone has released its fuel-efficient and eco-friendly tire for the Indian market to increase mileage and at the same time keep the carbon-emissions down. The world’s leading tire maker sees this as an opportunity to tap the eco-friendly segment of their buyers who want to reduce their carbon footprint in every way possible. Called as Ecopia, this new tire design reduces carbon emission and also increase fuel-efficiency by 7%-10%. Just for the records, the launch of Ecopia is aligned with Government of India’s campaign for indigenization “Make in India”.

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Bridgestone has released two variants of the tire – Ecopia EP150 and EP850 which both are targeted towards durability and premium road handling. The new tire design makes use of a unique compound and cutting-edge technology that ensures premium performance. To be precise, these tires are tailor-made for Indian roads and designed for use with a wide variety of vehicles and also goes well with their own global goal of reducing rolling resistance by 25% and reduction on CO2 emissions by 2050.

Bridgestone Ecopia is going to be available in 26 different sizes ranging from 13” to 18” rim diameter. If you want to fit the tire in your small hatchback/mid-size sedan car then go for the Ecopia EP150 and if you have a SUV then go for the Ecopia EP850 tire.

Bridgestone Ecopia

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