‘Extreme Phone Pinching’ challenge takes internet by storm, are you game?

Internet is a strange place where anything can go viral in the matter of hours. That is what we saw with the ice bucket challenge which gripped billions in its claws. Now, the Extreme Phone Pinching challenge is making everyone go crazy around the globe. What started as a fun video released by the American musical band Twenty One Pilots has now bloated into a social-media craze that is hard to resist. Although it is quite stupid, the trend has got viral like anything and it has just only begun.

How it sparked-off
What’s the challenge?
  • You have to hold your phone with the thumb and forefinger from the edge for as long as you can
  • Hold your phone over a location/height that would eventually destroy the device if you have slippery fingers
  • During this you get yourself clicked in a picture or short video

After that post it on Twitter, Vine, Instagram or other social-networks and enjoy all the grapevine conversation and of-course the appreciation. That is, if you have pushed the limits while doing the Extreme Phone Pinching challenge.

There have been numerous examples of #extremePhonePinching all over Twitter and Instagram. Here are some of the most extreme and catchy ones that will entice you to go for the stupid challenge yourself, just for fun.

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