The new fashion mantra – 3D printed jewelry designed according to your liking

Trove 3D printed jewelry

3D printing has already proved its potential in ultra-customized manufacturing and there is no denying of its future prospects in revolutionizing every aspect of our daily life. Now, yet another application of 3D printing is all set to change the way you buy and flaunt jewelry. For the most demanding jewelry lovers who are very particular about the design and look of their flatulence, Trove has brought 3D printing to the jewelry manufacturing arena. They give the user option to customize their design, test it on a 3D plastic mold and then finally order the jewelry in stainless steel, bronze, copper, sterling silver or 18K gold.

Trove 3D printed jewelry

The idea is very simple and novel too, as it allows the user to have more options than normally he/she has while choosing jewelry. And to make things better, you don’t have to worry about size. You just have to select from the many design templates which can be tweaked according to your liking and after that Trove will send over a prototype of the jewelry form-factor so that you can try for shape and design. Once you are satisfied, they will 3D print the jewelry in material of your choice and delivered to your doorstep.

Trove 3D printed jewelry

As the service grows and people come-up with their designs, all that database is available for consequent users to explore from. For starters the company is launching 30 design templates and users can tinker them around in limitless ways to create their designs.

Trove 3D printed jewelry

Via: 3DPrintBoard



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