Dad makes drill-powered walking T-Rex for his son [w/Video]

Drill powered T-Rex scooter by Izzy Swan

A walking T-Rex on the streets will definitely make you run for your life, but this walking dinosaur actually made me laugh. Just look at this thing moving it is so funny. Alright, enough of the casual talk and let’s get straight. This drill-powered T-Rex Scooter is made by professional woodworker Izzy Swan from Think Woodworks who wanted to give his son one of the coolest ride in the block. It all started when his son saw the Jurassic World movie and was highly impressed by the dinosaurs, and wanted to ride a T-Rex some day.

Already a skilled woodworker, Izzy took the task of making a drill-powered T-Rex that stands 10 feet tall and is 15-feet in length. It is powered by an 18 volt cordless Bosch drill connected to a custom gear-box that drives its legs in forward motion. The unique mechanical gear system makes the legs move in a peculiar way, as if it is walking on the road.

Drill powered T-Rex scooter

He crafted the structure of this wooden dinosaur from scratch and in the end it all turned out quite well. He has also explained the method to make your own drill-powered T-Rex that is if you are skilled enough to undertake this DIY project.

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To conclude, the thing dubbed “Bob” looks very different and no wonder it attracts crowd wherever it goes.

How Izzy Swan made the walking dinosaur



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