“Back to the Mod” –Yeah, that’s what this DeLorean PC case is actually called

Back to the Mod Delorean PC case mod

Modder Marc Molella has refurbished his old PC into an impressive mod that pays homage to the legendary DMC-12 DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future”. Very aptly he calls this DeLorean-shaped PC case mod as “Back to the Mod” and says that this modding effort focuses on the design aspect rather than its hardware configuration. Not that the hardware fails to impress in any way, but Marc wants us to concentrate more on the looks of this cool PC case.

The PC case is fitted with water-cooled components and with a total cost of $3,000 this PC case mod packs a punch, no doubt. Marc has fitted the PC case with LED lighting just at the right places to complete the futuristic look. And Boy does it look cool or what!

The case has been made for the 2015 Cooler master Case Mod World Series and it looks good to win the competition. To learn more about the complete make process of this PC case mod, jump straight over to Precision Computing.

Back to the Mod Delorean PC case mod

Back to the Mod Delorean PC case mod_1

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