Apple News deliberately blocked in China

Apple news app blocked in china

China’s internet censorship program has forced Apple to kill its new, iOS 9-friendly, news-reading app called Apple News. According to New York Times, Apple faced demands from Chinese government to filter articles on its news reading app; instead of trying to pass through the complex censorship system, Apple has taken the straightforward route and has disabled Apple News app in the country.

China’s censorship requires companies to filter content themselves, which amounts to additional cost on the company. By outrightly stopping the Apple New service in China, the Cupertino tech giant is simply trying to save on all the additional cost it will have to put up with trying to filter all the news content on the application.

Currently, anyone trying to open Apple News in China is greeted an error message “News isn’t supported in your current region.”

Apple user Larry Salibra, owner of a start-up in Hong Kong, noticed that while trying to open Apple News on Chinese wireless network a message of the app being unavailable popped up. Salibra writes in his blog post that this is not a case of China’s Great Firewall banning access to online content, instead Apple has deliberately pulled the app down.

Via: NYTimes



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