Make a funky Darth Vader disco ball for your Star Wars-themed parties

Darth Vader disco ball

Darth Vader, the famous villain of Star Wars series is more of an inspiration and probably a hero for all the DIY’ers out there. We have seen so many Darth Vader-inspired DIY’s in the past and many more to come in the future. For now we concentrate on this easy DIY by Justin Poulsen who has made a Darth Vader disco ball which is perfect for Halloween, and more so for people who keep away from the gore stuff.

# Things you’ll need

  • Halloween costume mask, preferably an original rubies helmet
  • Krylon premium chrome spray-paint for matte stainless steel look
  • True chrome paint/black chrome spray paint
  • Small mirrors from a disco ball that will cover the whole helmet
  • Glue to stick the mirrors

# How to

1) First you’ll need to strip off the helmet to its basic skeletal and prepare it for painting by cleaning the surface of any dust/debris

Paint the Darth Vader helmet

2) Then spray the helmet with krylon premium chrome spray-paint to give it a matte look

3) To give a matte look to the helmet wipe-off all the dirt

apply mirrors to the helmet

4) Then stick the small mirrors to the helmet using glue and cover it completely

apply mirrors to the helmet_1

5) Spray the eyes section with the true chrome spray paint or a spray paint with darker tone and shiny look

6) In the last step you drill a hole on top of the helmet and attach a fastener to it so that you can hang it from ceiling wall

spray true chrome paint

7) You can also skip the step above and keep it on a table

Since Justin Poulsen is a good photographer, he went the extra step and created a backdrop for the helmet show that you see in the video above. He placed the lights at the right places to achieve a club like feel.

Darth Vader disco ball lighting setup

The final completed Darth Vader helmet with all the lighting effects that make it look so cool.

Darth Vader disco ball helmet

Via: BoredPanda



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