Acer Aspire Z3-700 all-in-one PC wants to be a 17-inch tablet


When Window 10 hardware market is stuffed with most amazing of hardware, including recently released Microsoft Surface Book; what do you do to standout as a third-party OEM? If you’re Acer, you stuff in an all-in-one computer with a battery and make it portable. At a Windows 10 event in Grand Hyatt in Taipei, Taiwan, Acer unveiled the Aspire Z3-700 all-in-one PC that features a battery onboard. Dell and Lenovo have already pioneered the technique in their system, but Acer’s 17.3-inch PC with full-HD (1920 X 1080) display stands out in its own right.

With the internal battery, Acer Aspire Z2-700 weighs only 4.4 pounds (2kg) and is touted as being lightest and longest lasting all-in-one PC out there. Being so light (at least for its giant size) the PC with 10-point multi-touchscreen can be ported anywhere around the house or office as a jumbo tablet.


The built-in battery promises up to five hours of back up and accompanying stylus ensures efficiency and accuracy in performance. The all-in-one PC cum tablet is powered by Intel sixth-generation Core Skylake or Celeron processor, and features SSD or HDD. Running Window 10, the device has up to 8GB RAM. More specifications are yet to be revealed.

According to Acer, Aspire Z3-700 will be available in US later this month starting at $699. In Europe, the PC will start at €599 and will be available around the same time.

Via: PRWeb/Engadget



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