Finally, we get to see a glimpse of the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

Tag Heuer has been teasing its Intel collaborated smartwatch for over a year now and after finally announcing the launch date of November 9, the Swiss watchmaker just can’t resist sending another teaser out there. As I said, a teaser that shows only half of the smartwatch, and that too from the front. Tag Heuer has repeatedly confirmed that their Android Wear-powered wearable is going to be more of a traditional looking watch (reminiscent to the Carrera series watches) and that looks apparent from the bezel design. Also the button on side confirms that fact.

Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

The winding button of smartwatch

Tag Heuer is smart enough to notice the technology obsoleteness in other smartwatches and promises that their smartwatch will have timely upgrades to keep up with demanding specs. They haven’t yet revealed what Intel chip is going to be the heart of this wearable, but it is expected to have SoC chip. That’s a refreshing change to the Qualcomm-powered wearables that we have got so bored of seeing.

Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

Android Wear smartwatch coming on
November 9

The price tag of $1800, as already apparent will prove to be a deal breaker for many of you out there. Obviously, Tag Heuer wants to keep its exclusive tag and brand value. It is clear that this smartwatch is going to give Apple Watch major headaches and in all likelihood this smartwatch will have much better hardware and specs.

Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

It is going to be a leather watch indeed

Source: TagHeuer



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