Apple iPhone 6S Vs. Ferrari 458 Italia – Durability test of epic proportions

iPhone 6s vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Apple has made sure that iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessors, and all the gruesome testing has proved it right. But strength of iPhone 6S was slated to be tested to the limits by crazy people in this crazy little world. A Ukrainian guy has been doing some crazy experiments with gadgets and technology since 2009 and it was only time before he took iPhone 6S to the extreme torcher. Want to know how strong iPhone 6S actually is? Watch the video that follows and you’ll be surprised, guaranteed!

iPhone 6S has a super-strong shell which gives it premium protection

What you just saw also surprised me at first, but that is a stern testimony to the strength of iPhone 6S’s aluminum 7000 shell which provides premium protection. The red hot Ferrari 458 Italia drives over the smartphone with both the front and rear wheel with only a minor hiccup. The rear-camera gets shattered probably due to the unevenness in the tarmac surface. Now that you know iPhone 6S can survive a Ferrari 458 Italia, you’ll go ahead and buy it if phone strength is your core concern.

# iPhone 6 survives the run-over too

If you remember [TechRax] also took the iPhone 6 to the test by driving a BMW over it and surprisingly it also survived the ordeal. Watch the video above to learn more about that test.

# Lava test is taking it too far

Being driven over a Ferrari was stretching it to the limits, but putting the poor iPhone 6S in hot burning lava is asking for too much. No, the phone doesn’t survive the extreme heat and dangerous chemicals of the earth’s hot goo. That is wasting an iPhone 6S just for the sake of experiment that had an apparent end. [TechRax] puts it in the lava and when it is fully fired takes it out. Everything is totally damaged and he puts it back into the burning coffin to be doomed!



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