I bet you can’t lift this tricky Thor Hammer off the ground [w/Video]

Thor Hammer that cannot be moved

Only the hands of mighty Thor can lift Mjölnir, the fearsome weapon capable of raising havoc. That legend seems to carry weight in today’s tech savvy world as a DIY’er proves it all-right. Youtube user Allen Pan has brought the Mjölnir to Venice Beach, California and people are having real trouble lifting the hammer, as if only Thor can lift it. In this case, only Allen can lift the hammer and people just cannot figure out how!

Of course technology is the one producing magic here as Allen has fitted this hammer with strong electromagnet that is paired to a fingerprint sensor which disables the magnets when he lifts it. Pretty cheeky, I must say. For the trick to work, Allen places the hammer on metal surface like a manhole and asks random bystanders to pick up the hammer. Little do they know that it can only be lifted by the maker unless you have the same fingerprints which is very unlikely. Or, you can be witty like the guy in the end of this video who figured a way to move (not lift) the hammer away from the manhole and then off the ground!

It must be said that Allen managed to pull off this trick very neatly and made good use of electromagnet to bring the mythical Mjölnir hammer to life. The only thing that would make this trick invincible, well, a way to make it boomerang it back after a fatal blow to the unlawful elements.

Via: Motherboard



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