Propeller clock is the coolest gizmo you can make or buy today

DIY propeller clock

Propeller clocks look so cool and although you need a lot of battery power to keep up with time, it’s well worth the expense. Making one seems quite a brainy task but actually it is quite easy to make if you spend some time on the instructables for one. You need a set of LED’s simple microcontroller and spinning motor to give the illusion of an analog or digital clock. The LED’s are switched on and off with time delay to match the speed of rotating motor which is synchronized in such a way that it creates hologram of clock display.

# Propeller Clock

Have a look at this cool propeller clock that the maker likes to call the Propellerclock Ring of Fire. Watch as the array of LED stick starts to rotate and form the analog numbers of the clock and the seconds indicated by a moving ring of fire.

# Propeller wristwatch

Another Japanese Twitter user went even further and designed a propeller wristwatch that looks damn geeky. Although I must admit it is not that easy to sport with the bulky electronics.

# USB clock fan

USB Fan Clock propeller watch

If making one seems like a very tedious task to you, buying a propeller clock is the next best option. Get this USB Clock Fan which can be connected to any USB-powered device like a laptop to watch the cool holographic display. You can get it for $8.78 right away.

USB Fan Clock propeller watch_1



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