[Watch] Life-size Lego R2-D2 that moves at 18 miles per hour

It’s not made from half-a-million Lego bricks like the life-size Batmobile, but this life-size Lego R2-D2 is no less impressive. Made from 16,000 bricks, the remote controlled L3-G0 (as it’s called) is the first Lego R2-D2 that actually moves – if makers are believed, he can drive at 18 miles per hour. Well received at the Brickcon 2015, the L3-G0 bagged the People’s Choice Award for the best Lego Build. Watch the robot wear the cool trophy as a hat.

Life-size lego R2-D2

Lego fanatic Lara Steele and her husband are behind this magnificent R2-D2 that can tosses a lightsaber and also blows smoke like a fire extinguisher. The Lego R2-D2 has memorized about 116 different songs inside his head that spins on a lazy Susan. Currently capable of doing 10mph, L3-G0 can reach up to 18mph by simply increasing the batteries powering it.

Life-size lego R2-D2-3

On the inside, the L3-G0 has metal and wooden tracks to be easily transform the bot from two legs to three legs and back to two legs (he doesn’t do it yet, but makers think he will shortly be able to). Fitted with two arduinos, one in the head and in the feet, the R2-D2 can even dance.

Life-size lego R2-D2-5

Star Wars fans cannot have enough of R2-D2, so after the R2-D2 drone and R2-D2-themed plane, the moving life-size Lego R2-D2 is really a welcome build. Click here for more information on how L3-G0 is made.

Life-size lego R2-D2-2

Life-size lego R2-D2-1

Life-size lego R2-D2-4

Life-size lego R2-D2-6

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